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Through life, we meet some people who will help us to make changes to be a better person. To be more grateful, more positive, more alive. We meet people who guide us and encourage us. I stopped going to my “ regular “ dr and changed to a guy called Anand. I went to him originally for a lymphatic massage after having some colon therapy to detox my crazy downward spiral life
My first visit to him to be honest I wasn’t sure if I’d go back 😜 but I did. I didn’t want to tell him anything more then he needed to know!
Something kept taking me back there. And I started to talk to him and I realized how much he was helping me 1.5 years on I am so thankful for this man 🧡

I am so blessed to of crossed paths with him
I’ve had an array of stuff with him, life coaching, coming to terms with death, grief counseling, anxiety help, chronic pain, acupuncture, lymphatic massage, sinus help, chakra balancing, heart-healing, juicing advice, the list goes on
He has helped me see who I am, work towards the person I always wanted to be.
What the ultimate goal is
He has helped me by giving me life skills to use daily to live my life to my best
A text from him when my friend ange died made me feel so supported, a text before her funeral made me feel ok to be brave and face it
He’s shown me my fears need to be faced. He doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy ( he may think it lol ) and some of the things at a regular dr probably would’ve had me in a straight jacket Medicated to the eyeballs
He’s not just a “paid “ person to help me now , he’s become my friend and I am really happy to have such an kind ,encouraging ,inspiring person around me
Thank you Anand !!

Tammy Robinson

Anandam Wellness is running the business, as usual, however, the safety of our clients is our priority. Hence, we're taking all necessary precautions & booking client in 15 min intervals. Please call us at 0478561815 for bookings.